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jewelry design

hand forged with time-honored methods of past artisans.
the organic fabrication technique
giving each its unique one-of-a-kind beauty.


While we relocate, the shop will be closed from July 20th until September 18th 2024.

If you would like to place an order, please message me at


SLP Design is a SLOW DESIGN studio with two people - myself (Sofia) and my partner Peter.

SLOW DESIGN philosophy centers on sustainability, social responsibility, and traditional craftsmanship, while commercial design prioritizes efficiency, profitability, and mass appeal.

We work exclusively with high-karat gold (18k - 24k).

Our designs are completely hand-made from start to finish, making each piece one-of-a-kind. This traditional method of goldsmithing is a laborious process rarely practiced today. We hand-mill all sheet and wire and alloy our metals in the studio. The texture and look of each design will be unique and vary from piece to piece.

All the pieces are work-hardened, making them suitable for everyday wear with a natural finish that will self-polish naturally over time. No chemicals/polishing compounds are used.


We use harmony recycled 24k gold from Hoover and Strong, a 100+ year-old eco refinery in the US.

Harmony recycled precious metals are certified by SCS Global Systems.

Certified Fairmined gold is available upon request. Fairmined supports artisanal miners around the world. This organization enforces strict standards for mining practices, focused on ethical and sustainable methods for the miners' health and the environment.

Custom stones are sourced from several small-scale mines in the US.

Diamonds are sourced from a Kimberlee-licensed boutique diamond dealer in New York. Recycled and vintage stones are sometimes used when available. Black and silvermist diamonds, rubies, spinels, and American-mined sapphires used in hand-made-to-order designs are sourced from a dealer in New Mexico.


Palm Springs Style - Summer 2016 edition. (Vol 2/ Issue 2)

EMILIJA RIVIERE- Custom commissioned pieces can be seen in the independent film Blissfull As Hell.

Available online:
SLP Shop
Fallow, Brisbane, Australia.

And retail:
Flow Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, California.

Please contact me for inquiries regarding special orders or custom pieces.

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